Dogmeat wins big at the World Dog Awards


Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s important in life. This week we’ve had eighty billion VR headsets announced, and graphics cards that could probably punch a hole in the space-time continuum, and yeah, that’s exciting and all… but does it actually matter? Probably not.

There is only one this in this world that really matters, and that’s dogs. Bethesda has announced that River, the German shepherd that modeled and voiced Fallout 4’s Dogmeat, won the award for Top Videogame Dog at TheCW’s World Dog Award


The awards were back in January, so Bethesda is a bit late, but that’s not important. Just look at how happy that pooch is to have gotten a trophy! You won’t see that from a cold, lifeless VR headset.

If you’re curious as to who won Dog of the Year, meet Gabe, a therapy dog who supports wounded veteran Justin Lansford:

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