Final Fantasy XV is now playable from ‘start to finish’


It’s kind of absurd to be getting up-to-the-minute updates on the development of a game, I know, but this is Final Fantasy XV — a game that was announced in 2006, and had rumors of cancellation for years on end.

According to developer Kitade Satoshi on the official forums, it is playable from start to finish, and that the first half of the game is basically done. At this point, the devs can now start assessing the overall package, and make adjustments as needed, as they’ve done with the demo version.

Everything is coming together, but more of that signature Square Enix fanfare is still on the way — the game isn’t even getting a release date until a special announcementevent in March 2016.

FFXV [Final Fantasy XV Forums via Gematsu]


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