MissingNo lives on in the Pokemon 3DS re-releases


I’ve got an old man to track down
Do you wanna glitch the hell out of the 3DS ports of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow? I hadn’t planned on it, exactly. But I’ve never encountered “MissingNo” first-hand before, and this weekend seems like the appropriate time to do so. It’s the series’ 20th anniversary!

The Gen 1 re-releases won’t allow you to create restore points, but they will support wireless play, and the glitches (at least everyone’s favorite “missing number” Pokémon) appear to be left alone. This video from YouTube user Epi Demie shows a demonstration in Pokémon Blue.

For a breakdown of how to initiate the infamous glitch and an explanation of why it happens, GT’s Pop Fiction has you covered. Stick around for the nostalgic recap of old fan theories.


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